Dirty Snap Shots

[Slim Dunkin] - I Gotta Eat

So many idea’s running through my mind right now. Most of them involve this CL2 business model. The other is I’m ready for day to get going, so I can give my best friend a call and talk about shirt designs. Really hoping I can line up some interviews within the next few weeks. 

Night Owl……

I love being up this late, I do some of my best thinking during these housr. Some of my best creations are made during these hours. I can just sit and read about anything my mind is curious about, without being distracted. Listen to music and dance, allowing my brain to develop a memory or emotion with the song. The hours, where I let all my frustrations go and allow the [Right] side of my brain to run wild, while the left side is sleep…..This is probably also the reason in why I prefer to work out during these hours. I bet i could call my granny up right now and say to her ” I only called you because I know you be up, doing nothing” She will say “Yup that’s the exact same reason you up. Who do you think you get it from” lol.